Marauders Men’s Health


  • Inspiring
  • Unity
  • Inclusive
  • Respect
  • Ethical
  • Trust

It is important that everyone involved in the Marauders is aware of these values and is guided by them at all times..

Code of Conduct

The Code underlines the way we interact together. We want to ensure that Marauders is a supportive and enjoyable experience for everyone concerned.

Marauders Mens Health is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone involved and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

Action will be taken against anyone who does not adhere to this Code of Conduct, regardless of their membership status within Marauders Mens Health, under the Marauders Mens Health complaints procedures which can be found on our website.

Behaviours that will not be tolerated by the Marauders Mens Health include, but are not limited to: 

  • Offensive or discriminatory actions or comments related to a person’s gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, appearance or other aspects of identity or protected characteristic
  • Sexual harassment such as verbal innuendo and sexual comments, sexual jokes and stories, displaying pictures or sending emails containing sexual content, making sexual gestures, asking for sexual favours
  • Physical contact without consent or patterns of inappropriate social contact
  • Threats or incitements of violence against anybody
  • Stalking or deliberate intimidation, including continued one to one communication after a request to cease
  • Publication of confidential or sensitive communication
  • Unwelcome comments regarding another person’s lifestyle choices or practices.
  • Publication of personal details which may breach GDPR regulations

Trustee / Staff / Volunteer / Member asked to cease any inappropriate Conduct are expected to comply immediately.

Summary of the Countryside Code: England and Wales


If you follow the Countryside Code wherever you go, you’ll get the best enjoyment possible and you’ll help to protect the countryside now and for future generations.

  • Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs

  • Leave gates and property as you find them

  • Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

  • Keep dogs under close control

  • Consider other people

Be aware of other people on the path – try and let them pass if they are progressing quicker than you. Consider the environment. Please take your litter home with you – and do not light fires or barbecues.

Dispose of lit cigarettes carefully. Respect land owners privacy – and do not trespass onto private land.