Marauders Men’s Health

Code of Conduct

Download a copy of our code of conduct

Marauders is a registered charity (Charity number 1179304)

The aim of the charity will be to seek to tackle the disadvantage that males face in living healthier lifestyles through a fair, balanced and reasonable methods of improving men’s physical and mental health.

Marauders have developed a Code of Conduct for members, trustees and any future staff that may be employed in the future.

The Code reminds us of our values, which are to be

  • Inspiring
  • Unity
  • Inclusive
  • Respect
  • Ethical
  • Trust

It is important that everyone involved in  Marauders is aware of these values and is guided by them at all times..

The Code also underlines the way we interact together. We want to ensure that Marauders is a supportive and enjoyable experience for everyone concerned.

Social Media

Marauders use social media ( Facebook, Twitter, webpage) to promote positive messages to members, trustees, families and any parties that access our sites, the use of derogatory words, racist, homophobic or any material that is offensive must not be posted on any of the Charities Social media sites by Members, trustees or any future Staff employed by the Charity such postings will not be tolerated and anyone posting any of the above could face disciplinary action in any form deemed fair and lawful by the board of trustees

The majority of people involved in the Marauders treat one another with respect at all times.

In any organisation there will however be rare occasions when the behaviour of members, trustees and any future staff will not meet expectations.

In these cases the Code should be a useful tool in dealing with a difficult situation, particularly where a person’s behaviour is having a negative impact on others.

We all have the right to be in an environment where respect for all prevails throughout!

Walking is the most simple and natural form of exercise and requires minimum skill and clothing. It is individual members responsibility to ensure they have:

  1. A good pair of walking boots. You might get away with ordinary footwear if the terrain, distance and weather are kind but this is the exception not the rule.

  1. A rucksack or backpack. You will want to carry water and food and other personal belongings. For longer harder walks you may want to carry some safety equipment and extra clothing.

  1. A waterproof warm jacket. Walking in the rain is fun but less so if you are soaked to the skin! A fleece or wind proof jacket will be needed on many occasions throughout the year.

And aware that:

  1. Members are responsible for their own clothing and equipment.

  1. Members must never wander off on their own when on a walk, doing this could put yourself and others in dangerous situations

Summary of the Countryside Code: England and Wales


If you follow the Countryside Code wherever you go, you’ll get the best enjoyment possible and you’ll help to protect the countryside now and for future generations.

  • Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs

  • Leave gates and property as you find them

  • Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

  • Keep dogs under close control

  • Consider other people

Be aware of other people on the path – try and let them pass if they are progressing quicker than you. Consider the environment. Please take your litter home with you – and do not light fires or barbecues.

Dispose of lit cigarettes carefully. Respect land owners privacy – and do not trespass onto private land.