The Difference

Marauders Mens Health was initially created through one man’s struggle with Mental and Physical Health. Walking was his self-help therapy to stop and hold back the downward spiral leading to serious thoughts of suicide and loneliness.

When the group evolved, we quickly realised the difference we could make to each others lives and to that of other men in and around our area. Using walking as a method to unite men, we began to understand men were often unable/unwilling to discuss their lives with family or medical professionals and had often closed themselves off from the world.

Walks in the stunning outdoors offers men an opportunity to walk and talk. Sharing feelings, emotions and discussion of the issues around their lives which often relate mental health, made them feel better within themselves. The encouragement and camaraderie helping them on their recovery journey, or to meet other blokes who have become new mates.

We know that peer support offered by someone who has experience can help men. Men who have ‘Lived In experiences’ of what other men are going through and understand. Improving lives without therapies or medication, simply through walking and talking, creating a bond with others and releasing what many bottle up.

Men open up and discuss their issues. Many Men do not even realise they are suffering depression until they speak with others. It is not an easy thing to acknowledge that depression is tearing your life apart, and it takes strength to admit it and seek help. Depression is not a weakness; it affects 1 in 4 men. Come to one of our walks and see if the Marauders can help you on the road to recovery.

The groups are open to men to share friendship and support over a common condition. All of the  Marauders groups contain men with personal experience of some of life’s struggles in one way or another!!.



The Marauders are not just a normal walking group. We are different to others. Walking is our means of engaging Men to get together to talk to each other. All our walks are graded on a 1 – 10 scale. One being easy/flat whilst ten being more challenging mountain walks. Something for everyone, nobody gets left behind on walks, we are all in this together.

The strength of what we are trying to achieve lays in its simplicity. No complications just Men walking and talking, bring along a flask of tea/coffee for halfway stops where we put the World to right!!! Seriously though the halfway stop creates an outdoor Café atmosphere where we all chat and have a good laugh.

We realise that each man has to start somewhere so a Scale One walk is generally a very short walk at a very slow pace, encouraged by all. This is the strength of the group, we all understand it is not a race and that we all help each other.