Why was Marauders set up?
Men in the group realised the difference we were having on our own lives. The original walks were simply that, a walk!! Men begun to open up to each other sharing experiences. This got us thinking it was more of a Walk and Talk group rather than a traditional walking group. Men share experiences and find new mates.

Why is it only Men?
There are lots of Women’s groups and mixed walking groups but no such group for men to meet up and get healthier in our area. Lots of men miss the male banter and often feel they open up on their problems (eg Mental Health) to other men who have experienced similar problems

Do I need to be fit to join?
No, all our walks are graded 1-10. Where 1 is easy and 10 being difficult. We have walks for all levels and we are also prepared to meet just for a coffee

Why would I talk about my health to someone I don’t know?

Marauders is a platform to make new mates. We are not therapists and we do not supply any form of medication. You don’t have to talk about anything, talking to other men just happens if and when you feel you are ready to talk but there is no pressures whatsoever.

What do I need on a walk?
Suitable clothing for the weather on the day eg Wet weather jacket/bottoms and good walking footwear. We are developing an exchange set of clothing so that if you cannot afford the kit other men can lend it to you.